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Congratulations on the birth of your new baby! 


Our community celebrates your family's new blessing and welcome you to our wonderful, caring community. Though the news that your child has Down syndrome may be hard to understand, we want to encourage you to get to know us and our children and see how much goodness comes from having them in our lives.


Daily, our children remind us of how much love and compassion is really in their hearts. They amaze us with their drive to succeed at accomplishing even the smallest tasks. Most of all, they teach each and every one of us a little something about ourselves every day.


Please take a moment to read the Welcome to Holland essay. For most of us, this essay was able to bring a new perspective to the journey we were about to embark on with our child. We hope it brings you the same peace and hope it did for us. We have also included some links to websites and articles that you may find helpful as you wait for the arrival of your very special baby. 


Please feel free to reach out to us as soon as you are able to. We look forward to sharing in your new journey.



Your DSA of NCI Family

New Parents

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